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Massage Improves Posture - Massage Therapy

Massage improves posture

Most people spend a lot of time sitting.  Whether it’s in a car, in a conference room, or at a desk, all those hours add up to a significant part of the day.  If you spend those hours sitting in a less than ideal posture, some degree of neck and back pain is almost guaranteed. Proper posture is not effortless however.  Muscles, ligaments and joints all must work together to properly support your body.

When you sit with hunched shoulders or lean forward too much, your body isn’t properly aligned. This forces some muscles to work hard all day long to support uneven loads while others that aren’t being used (but should be) get weaker.  Over time these imbalances become worse and worse, eventually leading to more serious skeletal issues.

Maintaining good posture requires adequate muscle flexibility and strength, and normal joint motion in the spine and other body regions. Symmetrical postural muscles that are balanced on both sides of the spine are a key requirement for a long term pain free back.

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