Benefits of Reflexology

Life can be stressful. Often times you need more than a serious back and shoulder massage. Another option to try is reflexology. There are countless benefits of the application of pressure to certain reflex points on your feet (and hands and head!) Here are some of the

The benefits of reflexology:
Reflexology Instantly relaxes muscles.
Reflexology stimulates thousands of nerve endings in the feet. Massaging specific points under the soles of your feet can bring about a tingling and the tension being lifted from your body. Muscles are often strained from bad posture, repetitive movements, or even from being overweight and carrying around a few extra pounds. In several cases, the muscle ache is severe enough to cause temporary disability. While you may initially opt to taking medication to help alleviate the sore muscles, the pain typically resurfaces once the painkiller wears off. During regular reflexology sessions, the results are immediate and longstanding; unlike toxin-filled medicine, reflexology has no side effects! It’s a natural, holistic approach to relieving muscle strain.

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