Don't Come In Sick For Your Massage!!!

I honestly do not know why there is some mistaken belief that is is acceptable to go for a massage appointment if you are sick. Massage therapists may come in close contact with 4-8 clients a day, and your "little sniffle" or "minor cough" could seriously compromise the health of not only your practitioner, but the clients that they work on.

It never fails, at least once a season, I am laid low for up to a week by some thoughtless client coming in when they should be in bed. While I was in private practice, my clients came to learn that I would not see them if they were potentially ill. In my new resort position, I am not always allowed that luxury. I can only hope to urge everyone to STAY HOME AND AWAY FROM MASSAGE WHEN YOU ARE SICK!

On a side note, there are legitimate reasons why massage may be contraindicated, including pregnancy, cancer, diabetes, recent surgeries, joint replacements, blood pressure or blood sugar conditions, etc. Please, always be forthcoming about your medications and health situation during your intake interview with your therapist. You may still be able to be seen, but we may need to make adjustments for your health, safety and comfort. Don't omit, no matter how inconsequential you believe it may be. Allow us to make the determination.

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