How To Massage Your Lover

How To Massage Your Lover: Create greater intimacy and deeper bonds with your Spouse, Lover, or Partner with the loving touch of massage. 

The power of touch between lovers is what binds us to one another. There is nothing more loving or intimate for couples than bringing comfort, relaxation, stress relief and sensual pleasure to your partner with a simple touch.

In this book, written by me, a licensed massage therapist, you will learn how to perform an hour-long, full-body massage without your back or hands hurting. This is the same massage therapy techniques performed by the professionals and the massage style that I used in my own professional massage therapy practice.

1. How to prepare for your session.
2. The best location for your lover
3. Oil vs Lotion
4. How to set up your room
5. Music recommendations to set the mood
6. How to approach different personality types and their response to massage
7. Advice for different body-types
8. The complete one-hour massage routine

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